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With KlickData's learning platform you get all the education gathered in one place. Initially, our learning platform was a gathering place for our online e-courses. Today, KlickData is a full-scale LMS (Learning Management System) where, in addition to access to the entire e-course library, you also have full access to tools for easily planning, certifying and monitoring your employees' development.

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Elearning from Klick Data

The problem

The problem

  • Most organisations today need more advanced and skilled staff.
  • Education needs constant updates due to the global competitive markets.
  • More and more people need to be more updated on their skillset more often to be up to date for doing the work they are suppose to do.
  • New regulations create certifications of knowledge.
  • Information is free online but validation and assessment for knowledge is the key.
  • Traditional school system is outdated and replaced today.
The Solution is Online Training

The Solution is Online Training

  • Companies use Online training in a much higher degree than before to solve the knowledge transfer problem.
  • Elearning is a not only accepted; it´s the most common way to transfer information into knowledge.
  • Most Companies invest in an online Academy with a Learning Management System (LMS) to make staff training possible.
Klick Data is a trusted partner for your online training Academy

Klick Data is a trusted partner for your online training Academy

  • 28 years in the Digital Education Business gives you experience and trust.
  • Ease of use and powerful functionality in combination of vast amount of courses and tests.
  • Administration and user friendly Learning Management system.
  • Value-driven solution to help our customers to become stronger.
The profit and benefits

The profit and benefits

  • Better trained staff results in more efficient work being done on all places in the organisation .
  • Faster services done results in more satisfied customers and less problems to deal with.
  • Investing in your staff knowledge and development will give you tenfolds in return. ROI is easy calculated.
  • LMS solutions is easily scaleable and can easy be implemented in other markets and customers.
The profit and benefits

The profit and benefits

  • Customer training by LMS gives you less service issues Reseller training can be used to assure quality sales training making your products more from the shelfs faster than competitors.
  • A good elearning solution is a competitive advantage Corporate social responsibility issues grow in importance and can easily be trained in the organisation.
  • LMS saves a lot of time and can reduce classroom training.
  • LMS and elearning saves environment by less travel to education spots.
  • KlickData LMS

    KlickData LMS

    Any Course Material can be added. (Files, Attachment, Links, Live Event, Webinar etc.)

    Any Course Material can be tested (Quiz, Test, Dugga, Random, Labyrint, Exam etc.)

    Any Course Material can be evaluated (Survey, Evaluation, Graded, Diploma, Examination, Certification etc.)

    Read more about KlickData LMS

From information to knowledge

The Material:

The Material:

What to learn?
PDF, Link, Word, YouTube, Webinar, Live Event, Book.
The Certification:

The Certification:

How much learnt?
Participation, Validation of knowledge. Quiz or Exam.
The Evaluation:

The Evaluation:

How much impact?
Course Survey, Company Survey, Teacher Survey
The Course:

The Course:

What, who and when?
Material, Test, Survey
Step by step.
The Templates:

The Templates:

Materials, Tests, Surveys Ideas, Examples, Standard Knowledge.

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