Klick Data adds Spanish language to the KLMS platform

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Klick Data now introduce Spanish as the 4th language in the KlickData Learning Management System KLMS. We also introduce Yoruba, the largest local language in Nigeria. Moving from 3 languages to 5 now adds about 468 million people being able to use online training in their Native language with the Klick Data Award-winning system KLMS.

Checklists is the key to systematic and strategic plan for the Learning Management System

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When an organization gets the routines and checklists in order by putting the step by step instructions and the experience into a system inside a Learning Management System like KLMS, the organization gets stronger and make the Quality Assessment needed to make a long term lasting impact. In short: A. Document what you do. B. Put it in KLMS. (Encourage all by awards) C. Create Tests. D. Validate old and new staff. This is Quality Control. 

Video Recordings on every learning occasion creates the learning organization

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When a Company realizes how ineffective the natural learning process is implemented and realize how to change it by record the one-on-one training that takes place on every level on a daily basis: A great internal revolution will take place that will change the learning process in a radical way with a huge ROI for the company. This article will explain the process of learning and suggest a solution step by step that every company can implement today with a huge profit in sight for the quality of work done. This is probably a 5 min read that will save your company millions and make you as an HR Manager a hero. 

How to calculate ROI with KlickData Learning Management System

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Any organization or company needs to develop its staff skills. If they do not, people in the company will not only feel that they are not growing, its competitors will surpass the organization and gain market share because they will do the same services faster, leaner, and with more accuracy.

A smart approach and system for growing the individual's skill set and competitiveness are needed. Today online training in a Learning Management System is proven to be the most efficient way of approaching this need.

A powerful tools to use for the benefit of the staff's skills

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When you have invested in a Klick Data Learning Management System (a KLMS as we call it) you have a lot of powerful tools to use for the benefit of the organization and the staff's skills. Let's take an example: Imagine that the management wants the Company to fulfill a new Environmental Compliance Policy With KLMS (read in full) it's done with some easy steps.

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