How to calculate ROI with KlickData Learning Management System

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Any organization or company needs to develop its staff skills. If they do not, people in the company will not only feel that they are not growing, its competitors will surpass the organization and gain market share because they will do the same services faster, leaner, and with more accuracy.

A smart approach and system for growing the individual's skill set and competitiveness are needed. Today online training in a Learning Management System is proven to be the most efficient way of approaching this need.

A powerful tools to use for the benefit of the staff's skills

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When you have invested in a Klick Data Learning Management System (a KLMS as we call it) you have a lot of powerful tools to use for the benefit of the organization and the staff's skills. Let's take an example: Imagine that the management wants the Company to fulfill a new Environmental Compliance Policy With KLMS (read in full) it's done with some easy steps.

E-learning and traditional education - how do you mix best?

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Most HR managers today have the task of working long-term with training strategies and skills development plans for employees and the organization as a whole. Today, there are several different methods for training staff where there were previously only a few, usually costly teacher-led alternatives. How can e-learning help organizations to streamline their training and competence development?

Employer Branding - how an LMS makes you more attractive as an employer

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How both potential and existing employees view, an employer has become an increasingly important issue over the past decade. As employees today make entirely different demands on companies, it has become more important to be able to market and compete with other than compensation levels and security packages. How can companies leverage a Learning Management System (LMS) to improve their Employer Branding?

How do you as an organization get the most out of your work with CSR?

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Continuous work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an essential and vital part of all organisations today to strengthen competitiveness and develop sustainable value creation. Despite often solid work, many challenges in communicating guidelines and values ​​in a practical way, both internally and externally. How can digital tools in an LMS increase awareness of the organisation's CSR work for increased trust and profitability?

6 great reasons why to invest in an LMS

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Virtually all organizations need to have a systemized process for further training and competence development of their employees. Here we list the main benefits of automating, systematizing and following up the development with the help of an LMS (Learning Management System) - the hub for all e-learning.


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The advantage of online education

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Many who are thinking about changing careers never do it for fear. Many are afraid of losing their fixed income and job security. Then a university education or a college does not require a full-time study on the days. This is where online courses come into play. For example, say you work in an ICA store as a shop assistant, but always dreamed of opening your own catering company.

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