6 great reasons why to invest in an LMS

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Virtually all organizations need to have a systemized process for further training and competence development of their employees. Here we list the main benefits of automating, systematizing and following up the development with the help of an LMS (Learning Management System) - the hub for all e-learning.

1. Cut the costs in the education budget

An LMS allows you to completely cut the costs of travel, accommodation and seminars or teacher-led education. Paperwork in the form of educational materials and tests also disappears completely by having everything gathered digitally, this also minimizes the environmental impact.

2. Everything collected on a place

KD illustrations 3 pillars demo4 eng 20191212Instead of having different materials distributed in different places - both physical and digital - you can alternatively collect everything in the same place in the cloud through a modern LMS, this simplifies both the distribution of content, as well as the follow-up of specific courses. Complete tools for knowledge tests, diploma tests, certification, certificates and quizzes stimulate the users and provide the organization with monitoring and ensure that the knowledge objectives are achieved. The fact that one can create employee surveys and surveys in the same system is cream on the cake.

3. The individual at the centre

Unlike more traditional training methods where all employees are sent off to seminars or training organizers, an LMS creates the opportunity to customize all training individually. Also, everyone gets the chance to learn at their own pace by making everything repeat as many times as you want.

4. Easily monitor employee development and results

With real-time statistics, it is effortless to follow employee development. If an employee has failed to complete a course correctly, it is easy for an administrator to provide additional material to improve growth. If you notice that many have problems in a course, it is easy to create a survey where users have the opportunity to think about the content for any modification.

5. Streamline the decision-making and education process

KD sitelicens beslut eng 20191212An LMS eliminates the time and cost-demanding processes of the traditional form of education, and instead, the need for skills and knowledge can be satisfied directly.

6. The ability to create your content

In a modern LMS like KlickDatas, you can create your very own e-courses through an authoring tool. In this way, organizations can create their internal academies with effective follow-up through knowledge tests, quizzes, certifications and surveys/surveys.

To get the most out of a modern LMS, it is first essential to understand the needs of your organization. Try KlickData's brand new LMS for free here or book a demo with one of our knowledgeable brokers to find out how you can raise the level of knowledge in your organization at a lower cost.

You can also read more and watch the movie about KlickData's LMS here.

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