A powerful tools to use for the benefit of the staff's skills

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When you have invested in a Klick Data Learning Management System (a KLMS as we call it) you have a lot of powerful tools to use for the benefit of the organization and the staff's skills. Let's take an example: Imagine that the management wants the Company to fulfill a new Environmental Compliance Policy With KLMS (read in full) it's done with some easy steps.

A powerful tool to use for the benefit of the staff's skills

  1. Admin creates a Course with the Authoring Tool called Environmental Compliance with the material to study. 
  2. Admin creates a Certification Test to make sure the staff has understood the policy.
  3. Admin Create an Environmental Survey to give feedback of the Course or opinions of the new policy
  4. Admin create a Course Plan with a timeframe and select a group of users that will be engaged in taking the

Environmental Policy Course.

User fulfills the three steps in the Course Plan Admin can trace progress and send reminders. 

User and admin receives
a) statistics
b) the user receives a diploma
c) admin and user reviews organization Survey results and can learn and improve course, policy and ger feedback to improve. KLMS works in all organizations.

This is just one example of how simple and powerful the KLMS is.
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