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In any organization, there are many routines that need to be handled with an order made out of decisions on how based on values and experience. Old-time workers have always helped new employees in instructions on how to do things. These oral educations on-site are vital and important. In the 2020s with technology and efficiency in mind and with an internal academy like the Learning Management System KLMS, things need to be systematically organized in a just in time and lean production manufacturing. 

With the mindset of digitalizing the procedures, practices, and know-how that a company has within the walls of the human capital in order to satisfy customers and assure Quality you need to get the staff to understand how to go about. 

The bins with step by step instructions on how to proceed on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks have been there for a long time. These instructions are in need of 
a. being created 
b. being updated 
c. be improved over time (to adjust to new routines, software, efficiency measures, etc) 
d. distributed to the right people 
e. learned by the right people within the organization 
f. kept within the organization and not slip into the hands of competitors 
g. validated by the management 

Today most organizations create a digitalized system for this with the advantages of 
a. being found easily by the right persons within the corporate environment by search 
b. being validated by the employees. 

Examples of practices that a company might have routines to handle that are suitable in an LMS

There are more than hundreds of routines and checklists within a company. Here are examples of a few that could benefit from being inside the intranet and the KLMS system. Note that each company has its own way of doing things so this is not something that can be copy and pasted from the Internet albeit much advice are available on what to think about when you create routines. 

KLMS en NeedofLMSmap with logo 8d 800 200408e

(Without any prioritized order): 
Onboard training
About us / Our history 
Holiday practice step by step
Security arrangements
Book a meeting routines
Emergency situations
Co-worker relations
Media relations
Report salaries
Saving documents on Server syntax 
Mission statements 
How to handle the keys within the organization
Corporate Profile Guidelines
How overtime work
Backup routines
ISO standard procedures
Annual Report routines
Quality assurance Policies
Union work and cooperations
How to handle customer Service on telephone
Policies for social media
How to deal with software licenses
Routines in case of misuse of drugs and alcohol at the workplace
How to search for applications for funding
European Union Regulations
Policies for representation
Search for job applications within the company for promotions
Environmental policies
Company vision, goal, and mission
Company Policy
Quarterly Report System
Procedures for sick leave and holidays
Insider trading regulations
Customer Support Guidelines
Management targets and Budget Focus
Inventory write-downs
Sell training closing technics
Agreement routines
Validation process
Complaints procedures
Quality Assessments
Subsistence allowances
Return of goods and rules in case of withdrawal
Codes of conduct
Requirements specifications for procurement
Machine Maintenance
Customer Care
The Employment Protection Act
Offer Calculation
Employee surveys
Contract Management
Introduction Education
Equality and Gender plans 
Abusive conducts 

And much, much more. 

Some of them are just in the heads of the people in charge. Some practices are lost with people who moved on to new positions and forgot to leave the information on how to do things behind. Some instructions are to be learned and taught on a one-time event. Other instructions and ways to do things need repetitions ongoing. Who would like to see a nuclear plant fail once again without quality controls? You should see your business in the same way. Quality control is equal to A. Quality Control B. Quality Control C. Quality Control 

The point is to have a strategy on how to handle all these issues and practices. In the 2020s: An online system within the company is the solution that most companies now enforce to use. With a learning management system, such as KlickData KLMS, the corporate needs for this digitalization are cost-effective and most easily solved. 

There is documentation to be uploaded and work to be done. 

To categorize them : 

1. Routines that are only in the heads of members of staff, often long time employees who see themselves as the rock of the company. 
2. Guidelines that are documented in bins. Not necessarily easily accessed and many times dusted and not updated due to the fact that someone "already knows how to do things" and that the routines written down are not up to date because in reality things are done differently with the lack of updated documentation. 
3. Procedures that are well documented and digitalized in writing and are "on the server" on the intranet. In a PDF or Word files. 
4. Procedures that are written and also video recorded. If an organization applies the "wisdom of crowds" and lets everyone record their actions and behavior and give hints and tips on how to do things, the organizations are fast moving into a learning organization and accelerate the custom value proposition. It's known long before the video has become known as Kanban and for a long time proven to work very well with long term benefits for lean production. 

The benefits of production scheduling include:

  • Process change-over reduction
  • Inventory reduction, leveling
  • Reduced scheduling effort
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Labor load leveling
  • Accurate delivery date quotes
  • Real-time information

There is, of course, limits to what you can ask people to share on a video recording of their skillset and professionalism. But if you have this strategy implemented together with written documentation in a systematic and strategic way in the KLMS, it is very easy to access the MATERIAL and the information of how to do things right, you can also very easily VALIDATE the staff to do the proper work. Reduction in costs, higher skillset, shorting time to do administrative work will be the effect.

When we talk about the video documentation: we include video recordings on staff in front of a camera (smartphone), recordings of Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts and other video conference software, screen capture software such as Quicktime and similar software used in different operating system and devices on mobile, tablets and desktop computers. 

And this systematic approach to information in combination with testing the knowledge with tests for certifications and validation does not stop at the internal use by the employees: It works very well with retailer education on how to sell products and services from your company and how to evaluate the distribution chain ability to handle the customer interface process.

KD LMSvalue extension eng 200128003

Education online and validation of knowledge even works with customers! What? The client needs the education to buy your services? Yes! One example is the bank industry with the financial institutions that in EU has forced the customer to take a test on how complicated financial instrument works in order for the bank to ensure they know about the risks involved. 

KLMS Avanza test fonder 200409
Avanza Bank is a leading Swedish Internet stock trading Bank. If you want to buy funds that are linked to the index growing when the market is going down (XACT BEAR), you need to test. The test is fairly simple compared to the competitor Handelsbanken. When you answer wrong at Avanza, you simply get the information of how the correct answer would be. So it is easy to take the test and start trading. 

KLMS SHB fond test 200408 
At Handelsbanken, the same test is in need to be correctly answered with check questions with more than one correct answer being correct. Unless you have everything right, you need to start from the beginning. This type of easy/ hard test is set in the KLMS. We at Klick Data have since 2005 call it the Labyrinth Test (in our older system K3), named after the classical BRIO Wooden Board Game

Make sure you document how to run your business

Summarize: The way you make sure how you are doing things in the company is to document it and upload it into a system that gives you access and not to is forgotten, MAKE SURE YOU CAN VALIDATE that the knowledge is there, not just the information. With KLMS, these things are getting done. And in times where layoffs skyrocket, you both have time and shall prioritize these issues. 

Update Edit: The Corona Virus and the Blitz Depression that started in March 2020 will make your company standing in from of huge challenges. With the KLMS you can get the knowledge intact when you need to rehire again when times become better.

In the meantime: Let the employees systematically document on video (preferably) and in the document on how they do things. Instruct them that this is not only required but make sure it is awarded when they do.

Get the "Employer of the month" award to the staff that has documented the routines best. Make sure everyone is expecting everyone to record and upload the procedures on how to do things in the company inside the KLMS system. It's for everybody to use. 

And create tests to make sure you know when information is turned into knowledge.
See how to create a Course Plan 

In short:
A. Document what you do. (preferably by video in combination with the written checklists)
B. Put it in KLMS. (Encourage all staff by awards)
C. Create Tests in KLMS. (It's easy)
D. Validate old and new staff. (With Course Plans from KLMS)

Good luck! 

E. The feedback loop on what is needed to be enhanced is part of the process but not covered in this article above, but here

Brio labyrint 200409 

The BRIO Labyrinth 

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E3 Ar behovskarta with logo 2b 200409

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Über uns / Unsere Geschichte
Urlaubspraxis Schritt für Schritt
Besprechungsroutinen buchen
Beziehungen zwischen Arbeitnehmern
Beziehungen zu den Medien
Gehälter melden
Speichern von Dokumenten auf Server-Syntax
Wie man mit den Schlüsseln innerhalb der Organisation umgeht
Richtlinien für das Unternehmensprofil
Wie Überstunden gemacht werden
Routinen für Jahresberichte
Gewerkschaftsarbeit und Kooperationen
Umgang mit dem Kundenservice am Telefon
Richtlinien für soziale Medien
Wie man mit Software-Lizenzen umgeht
Routinen im Falle von Drogen- und Alkoholmissbrauch am Arbeitsplatz
Wie man nach Finanzierungsanträgen sucht
Verordnungen der Europäischen Union
Richtlinien für die Vertretung
Suche nach Bewerbungen innerhalb des Unternehmens für Beförderungen
Vision, Ziel und Mission des Unternehmens
System vierteljährlicher Berichte
Verfahren bei Krankheit und Urlaub
Vorschriften zum Insiderhandel
Richtlinien zur Kundenbetreuung
Managementziele und Budgetfokus
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