Employer Branding - how an LMS makes you more attractive as an employer

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How both potential and existing employees view, an employer has become an increasingly important issue over the past decade. As employees today make entirely different demands on companies, it has become more important to be able to market and compete with other than compensation levels and security packages. How can companies leverage a Learning Management System (LMS) to improve their Employer Branding?

Not too long ago, it was the companies that sat in the driver's seat and were able to impose high demands on their employees without having to live up to much of themselves. The attitude about what it meant to be employed looked entirely different and the vast majority did not reflect on issues such as environmental impact, flexible working hours and further education. The Internet's entry into people's computers, tablets and mobiles has changed the dynamics between employers and employees overall. All of a sudden, information about how other companies relate to their outside world is easy to find out, and this creates completely different expectations for employers. This information has led to companies to differentiate and find new ways to attract and not least to retain the greatest talents.

Employer Branding is neither easy nor something that happens over a day. It requires understanding both about oneself as a company and organization but also understanding what is essential for today's employees. Fortunately, there are tools today that facilitate this work. By having an LMS integrated into the business, you immediately show that in addition to caring about the development of their employees, you show that you are a company at the forefront when it comes to digital development. According to a poll conducted by Gallup in 2016, 87% of Millennials (born 1980-1996) believe that professional skills and further development are critical in a job. So further development is not just something many young employees see as a bonus - it is more or less a must-have requirement for the majority.

In addition to an LMS providing the opportunity to learn quickly, it allows both employees and employers to interact and understand each other. The feeling of having their voice heard and at the same time, having the opportunity to influence the business is essential to increase production and retain employees over time. In Western Europe, only 10% feel engaged at work (involved and enthusiastic about their work). In the same Gallup study, it turns out that 70% of employees feel engaged in the companies that are best managed. These numbers speak their clear language; the right culture and leadership create considerable differences in how committed employees are. And turns leads to increased employee confidence and subsequently improved productivity and profitability.

For many business executives, the intention is right. You have an idea of ​​the company's values ​​and that you protect the well-being of the employees. What is missing is the tools to communicate this in a systematic, effective way. It is one thing to train new employees in what applies to a company when they first start, but it is an entirely different thing to live it every week. With an LMS, it becomes efficient and administratively feasible to update employees on what matters regularly. It is also easy to gather ideas around the business, and you also make learning fun and more engaging with the help of the "gamification" aspect of an LMS. And if you, as a company manager, are unsure of what the employees have for the image of the company, it is very easy to send out a quick survey or employee survey via the platform.

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The above Gallup's illustration an extensive recurring survey "State of the Global Workplace" (2017). The first bar shows the actual result from Sweden and the second bar shows how active work with the support of KlickData LMS can move 10% of the workforce in a positive direction. In an organization with 250 employees, this means a dramatic positive effect not only financially but in the entire organization's long-term sustainable value creation and bin Employer Branding.

A learning organization that understands its employees not only increases production internally and externally; it promotes higher security and a "life balance" that is increasingly in demand and valued by an organization's employees. With delighted and committed employees, employees can become ambassadors for the company, which automatically attracts new employees. Some examples of creative ways to use an LMS for increased employer branding:

  • Easily create video training that illustrates the company's values ​​through interviews with both managers and employees. Done in a timely and cost-effective way through the LMS authoring tool.
  • With the help of infographics and pictures illustrate the company in figures, no matter what you want to highlight.
  • Quizzes Sports Friday: A event where all employees receive quizzes with questions about the company and its employees.
  • Through a booking system, plans for competence and further development are automatically followed up, and employees can follow their own, the group's and the entire company's growth, this creates a team spirit and a positive workplace.

In the end, it is only your imagination that stops how effectively you as an employer can use an LMS for your employer branding. Book a free demo with one of our knowledgeable brokers to understand how an LMS from KlickData can improve employer branding in your organization.

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