How do you as an organization get the most out of your work with CSR?

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How do you as an organization get the most out of your work with CSR?
How do you as an organization get the most out of your work with CSR?

Continuous work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an essential and vital part of all organisations today to strengthen competitiveness and develop sustainable value creation. Despite often solid work, many challenges in communicating guidelines and values ​​in a practical way, both internally and externally. How can digital tools in an LMS increase awareness of the organisation's CSR work for increased trust and profitability?

The main challenge for organizations is no longer the CSR work itself, but how to communicate these guidelines and values ​​with all stakeholders so that the entire organization is not only aware of the values but also actually working with these values ​​daily. Often, the organization's guidelines for CSR fall into a comprehensive compendium that employees may find difficult to access. Compliance with the CSR guidelines is the whole point of establishing them from the beginning. And the companies that succeed in creating awareness and accordance with these guidelines create enormous values ​​in the form of increased confidence among all stakeholders, which can have a tremendously positive effect on productivity internally and sales externally.

KD LMS circles demo4 eng 20191212To create an understanding of the CSR guidelines is essential at the outset that the communication between the CSR and HR departments, in particular, is streamlined. Of course, it is a condition that the CSR department has worked out clear objectives and long-term values ​​that the organization must adhere to before it can focus on the implementation itself.

Once the guidelines are done, the question is how to convey best and educate other employees. Using an LMS (Learning Management System) will not only be easy to distribute the information to everyone within the organization; it also provides the opportunity to create more vibrant and dynamic methods to convey the knowledge, instead of handing out long PDF documents. Examples of alternative training methods through an LMS:

  • An interactive PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the CSR work
  • A live e-course where someone from the CSR department can present the guidelines together with illustrations.
  • Gamification: By continually having questions and tests following each completed guideline.
  • Moving, live media with the help of images and infographics simplifies learning.

LMS enables you as an administrator to test all employees as soon as the training is over. In this way, one can quickly validate and certify knowledge, this creates excellent certainty for the management that the employees have understood what it is about, and it will be easy to prove to external stakeholders that the knowledge transfer is implemented. 

Not only is it straightforward to reach out with the information, but an LMS also creates the opportunity to make the information and education immensely more dynamic. This not only increases the understanding but also makes the whole process much more efficient for the employees who need to accommodate the information. Add to that the follow-up and validation of the knowledge transfer become incredibly easy for the administrator. Through the statistics in an LMS, after creating knowledge tests linked to the education can be seen who took the tests and the level of results. A modern LMS thus makes the entire education chain easier, more efficient, and more engaging for everyone involved from start to finish.

With tools for automatically recurring syllabuses with invitations via e-mail, the intranet, and the users' homepage in the learning platform, participation and administration are increased. When it comes to developing the work with CSR, 'Blended Learning' functions also come into the picture and then feature with a Booking system that handles all course administration. Teacher-led training courses, seminars, and lectures that are followed up with digital e-courses and knowledge validations.

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