KlickData introduce new AI service for tests under the K3 Brand

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KlickData introduce new AI service for tests under the K3 Brand
KlickData introduce new AI service for tests under the K3 Brand

Klick Data has launched its second AI service under the new AI-focused business division k3.io. The service is free for the users for a trial period and will generate a quiz on any video uploaded or any YouTube or Vimeo link. 

K3.io, a leading AI strategic consultant company, has launched its latest service in the AI tools industry - the Video2Quiz service. The innovative AI-Powered Quiz Generator Service for any Video Content allows users to drop a video or paste a link to a video on the website. K3.io then delivers a quiz/test with multiple-choice questions to the user via email. The quiz is generated through a series of AI tools, including the state-of-the-art ChatGPT, which is a part of the generating flow with AutoGTP.

The Video2Quiz service is designed to help businesses and educators create engaging and interactive quizzes that can be used for various purposes, such as testing knowledge retention, assessing learning outcomes, or simply for entertainment. Depending on the difficulty level, the quizzes or tests are generated quickly and accurately, providing an efficient and effective way to gauge understanding and improve learning outcomes.

In addition, K3.io offers a free trial of its Learning Management service K3, which includes more features for users who want to edit further and use the quiz to test in a learning management system. With the Learning Management service, users can create a course based on the video and the examination generated with images and illustrations of the test, grades, and a certification, diploma, or participation certificate.

"We are thrilled to launch our Video2Quiz service, which we believe will revolutionize how businesses and educators create quizzes for video content," said Erik Bolinder, CEO of Klick Data and K3.io. "With our developed AI-powered tools and our Learning Management service, users can create engaging and interactive quizzes that will help improve learning outcomes and drive engagement."

"Creating a test based on any subject is tedious and time-consuming. We have made this a drag-and-drop function with a solution within a few seconds. This functionality will be handy for numerous applications in the education industry and any organization needing to validate knowledge. And for the paying clients of K3, we have automated the process to complete the full course with the Course Material, Test and evaluation in this process as well. It is a dream come true for teachers.”

For more information about Video2Quiz and K3.io's Learning Management services, please visit http://video2quiz.com.

Contact: Erik Bolinder, CEO of Klick Data 

K3.io Email: eb@k3.io Phone: +46708962233
k3.io is a brand of Klick Data AB (publ), a public company based in Stockholm, Sweden



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