The feedback loop in KLMS help the management to make better decisions

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The feedback loop in KLMS help the management to make better decisions
The feedback loop in KLMS help the management to make better decisions

The internal flow of information coming in from customers gets filtered on the way to the top. The management needs correct and accurate information to make the right decisions. This article discusses how a Learning Management System like the KLMS with surveys helps an organization to handle the flow of information in a feedback loop. 

Feedback with a quick survey after a course taken in KLMS gives valuable information to the administrators and HR department on how to improve content over time. 

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This feedback loop adjusts the course content based on the reviews the students/staff gives. The three main questions in a questionnaire would cover: 

  1. Did this course make any sense to you? Did you understand? 
  2. Was the content relevant to your job? Did it enhance the work you will do now and in the future for this company? 
  3. Will you change the way you do things after taking this course? Is your behavior altered in a way that the knowledge acquired and studied makes any difference? 

If the course was interesting (high on 1) but not relevant (low on 2), the effect for the individual might be better but for the company investing in the hours of training weak. (low in 3). 

If the course made sense but was to complicated or tedious (weak on 1) but relevant (high on 2) the feedback loop gives the administrator/instructor and HR department valuable information to adjust for the next batch of students. 

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As in the book Lean Startup from Eric Ries;  the Build-Measure-Learn Loop is similar to the feedback loop of KLMS. 

Feedback from micro to macro

The feedback loop is not only relevant on a micro level; it is even more useful on a macro level. Using the surveys in KLMS on customer service is very useful to get accurate and faster information to deal with the issues and to provide the decision-makers with feedback. Issues of importance can be detected earlier, and adequate actions are to be taken faster for the Company to act on matters more quickly for the organization to be more productive.

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Every member of the customer service staff has an interface with the customer. The outside world in comparison to the internal affairs within the organization. 

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Daily customer service meets and deals with issues that the customers face. The adaptiveness of handling these issues is crucial for company efficiency. There should be procedures and checklists with step-by-step instructions on how to handle the complaints and feedback from customers. If the service online is a bad experience, the customer might complain to the service desk where a human person receives a vital oral review. If this valuable information is not taken care of properly, the knowledge of the lousy customer experience will most likely not reach IT department in charge of these issues, and nothing will be changed to the next customer experiencing the same issue.

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The feedback loop in this example does not work. With a systematic approach of implementing surveys and questionnaires targeted to the customer service line of personnel with a system like the KLMS the crucial information of issues in need for attention and action is more transparent and available. Problems are screened faster. Actions are commanded to be fixed and the company serves its customers with a higher rate of satisfaction at a faster rate. Procedures and checklists on how to deal with similar issues are to be altered. Quality control and change the root of the systematic course of problems as well as getting a quick fix on the urgent issues that the customer's face. 

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The KLMS is therefore not only a tool for learning the organization from top-down in providing staff training online with the great benefit of getting a more productive workforce producing more productivity per working hours (see the calculation on how much impact online training will have for your company at http://klick.site). It is an excellent tool for providing the middle and top management with crucial information from bottom-down-to top. KLMS is proven to be the HR tool for reaching a more profitable company to a fraction of the investment and is used as a very important tool for the management to run the company. 

Questions in a survey to customer service 

An example of questions in a survey to the customer service would have the following content:
- Do you feel you have the right tools to deal with complaints from the customer?
- What issues are you having most difficulties to deal with when it comes to the customer complaints?
- Do you regard your feedback to the management to make any changes to the company able to handle issues?
- Do you feel satisfied with the way our organization deals with the issues you face daily?
- What routines would you like to change for our company to deal with the issues you face?
- What changes would you implement if you had the chance to be in charge?

With questions like this, the information from the customer service personnel will provide the company with valuable tools to get a better-streamlined checklist on what to prioritize in the short, mid-term and long-term.  When you target the most important interface a company have, as sometimes called "the moment of truth"; when the customer actually faces the representatives from a company: The values that the employees transmit to the outside world and the behavior that is perceived is what the customer will face and interpret. 

To find out through surveys the challenges the customer service face is one vital part. The education and indoctrination of company values with onboard training, checklist and a set of tools on dealing with the customer experience are just as important. 

Surveys in KLMS will provide an important tool and can be sent out as anonymous as well as detected. With the anonymous surveys; the chances are even higher to detect management issues from the floor and people feel freer to tell the real issues without feeling threatened to tell the truth of the real problems that are in need of focus and urgent solutions. 

The KLMS Learning Management System aims only to create value. It provides great value for the companies that educate the staff in a cost-effective and smart way and as this article was demonstrated it also informs the management about the issues in need for handling from all parts of the organization in general and customer service in particular.

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