Klick Data AB Privacy Policy

Klick Data AB Privacy Policy

Klick Data AB Privacy Policy

Klick Data AB, from now on referred to as KlickData, 556345-7315, handles personal data by the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) EU 2016/679 which comes into force on 2018-05-25 and replaces the Personal Data Act (PUL).

Klick Data AB Privacy Policy

KlickData's principles are simple. We will be open with what data we collect, why we do it and protect it with the highest security.

The EU regulation GDPR starts to apply in Sweden on May 25, 2018, and then replaces the Personal Data Act. The new regulation is very similar to the previous one but with stricter requirements on how companies may process personal data.

KlickData respects your privacy and the right to control your data and looks very favourably on GDPR. We only document and process personal information that is necessary to inform our customers, users, administrators and staff relevant statutory details, contract information and to fulfil and fulfil obligations under employment contracts, customer agreements, cooperation agreements and supplier agreements and license terms for the use of the LMS Learning Platforms. "Klick Portal K3" and "Klick Data".

The person responsible for data

KlickData is responsible for personal data following the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) for the processing of personal data that takes place within the organization.

As a personal data manager, KlickData is responsible for ensuring that your data is processed securely.

This privacy policy applies to:

For the personal data processing that occurs when using any of KlickData's Site License Agreements, e-courses, demo versions, e-course productions, test productions, questionnaires/survey productions, statistical reports, programs, applications, functions and services.

For the personal data processing that happens when users visit our domains klikdata.se, * .klickdata.se, * klikportalen.se, k3.nu, klikdata.com, possible test sites and our channels on social media.

For the personal data processing that takes place for suppliers during purchasing and administration.

For the personal data processing that is done in connection with recruitment.

For the processing of personal data in connection with contract management and confidentiality agreements.

For the personal data processing that takes place in connection with calls for a framework agreement and a tender response.

For the personal data processing that occurs in connection with newsletter subscriptions and automatic email reports.

Collection with consent

By "checking" in a consent form on the website or in email (e.g. signing up for a demo account, purchasing an e-course, subscribing to newsletters, receiving offers, etc.) you agree that your data (e.g. your company or organization name, name, telephone number and email address) may be used for marketing and follow-up purposes for the service being exposed in connection with where you are asked to fill in your personal information.

When you visit our website, you also agree that we may place cookies, both so-called first-party and third-party cookies on your computer. Such cookies follow you and your browsing behaviour to offer you marketing based on your practice and develop and customize our products and services.

Personal data processed

Our primary purpose in processing your data is to enable KlickData to fulfil obligations to you as a customer or supplier. We also collect information about you who are not yet a customer but who want to try our demo versions or be contacted by us. Personal data refers to all information that can be attributed to you as a natural person.

Source of personal data

The personal data processed for "tracking activity on KlickData's domains and emails" is obtained from the third-party analysis by Google Inc.

Other personal data that KlickData processes are collected from the data subject.

Purpose of treatment and legal basis

KlickData processes personal data for the following purposes and for any additional purposes specified at the time of collection. The legal basis is stated in brackets:

Provide our agreements, products and services by the applicable terms (Execute agreements)

Management of business relationship with customer and supplier (Execute agreement)

Accounting purpose for customer and supplier (Legal obligation)

Be able to fulfil customer warranty and support obligations (Execute agreements)

Enable support of product and service for the customer (Execute agreement)

Licensing of KlickData's products and software (legitimate interest)

Enable follow-up of prospectuses and demo customers (Eligible interest)

Marketing of KlickData's goods and services. (Consent and legitimate interest)

Information about our company and our agreements, products and services (legitimate interest)

To develop and improve our agreements, products and services (legitimate interest)

To buy product and service from the supplier (Execute agreement)

Evaluation at recruitment (Eligible interest)

Track activity on our domains and mailings to evaluate and enhance the user experience (Eligible interest)

Enable excellent customer service, such as handling your inquiries, correcting incorrect information or sending information that you have requested, e.g. notice and booking for education, e-course, teacher-led course, seminars and newsletters etc. (Execute agreements and legitimate interest)

For system administration and to generate statistical data on the behaviour and patterns of our users, this does not identify any individual but takes place at an aggregated level. (Execute agreement and legitimate interest)

To send important messages such as communication about changes in our terms and policies. (Execute agreements)

Information that can be disclosed

We may share information with other companies that process data on our behalf to enable us to comply with legislation and to execute our agreements, products and services, e.g. analysis, distribution or other services to maintain and apply our license terms, terms of use and delivery terms. However, the highest level of security and confidentiality is always observed in all handling of personal data.

The company only cooperates with partners who process personal data within the EU / EEA or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as within the EU / EEA by, for example, have joined the so-called Privacy Shield agreement between EU and US.

About cookies

When you use our websites and apps, personal data may be collected via, e.g. cookies. However, this is done only through separate consent. This will store the information about your use and which pages are visited. It can be technical information about your device and internet connection such as operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies and unique identifiers. When visiting our websites where our services are provided, different technologies can be used to recognize you to learn more about our users and facilitate the use of our products and services. This can be done directly or through the use of third party technology.


The processing time for your data varies depending on the type of processing being considered, the purpose of the processing and the category of the treatment belongs to:

Personal data necessary for accounting purposes (Customer and Supplier) are stored for at least seven years.

Personal data necessary for managing customer relationship and providing our contracts, products and services are stored for 48 months after the ongoing customer relationship has ended or the time period stipulated by the agreement. The current customer relationship can end in three different ways: active termination from customer, active termination from KlickData or elapsed time period after recent activity such as support or contact via telephone, website or mail.

Personal data for Demo customer and Prospectus (Company limited company) are stored for 48 months. Personal data for Demo customer (Company individual company and Private person) is stored for 24 months. All storage times are from the date of registration or after the latest activity such as contact by phone, website or mail.

Personal data necessary for the management of supplier relationships are stored for 60 months after the end of the ongoing supplier relationship. The ongoing supplier relationship can end in two different ways:

active termination of the supplier, or elapsed time period after latest activity such as contact by telephone, website or mail.

In cases where the registered person (Customer, Prospectus or Demo customer) has consented to the e-mailing, the e-mail address will be stored until the registered person completes a registration.

Personal data processed in connection with recruitment is stored when the recruitment process is in progress or according to the consent given on our website for recruitment.

Personal data that is processed to measure activity and behavioural patterns on KlickData's websites and e-mails are stored for 36 months.

The processing time may be extended in individual cases when it has been communicated in our privacy policy and is justified.

Transfer to the third party

KlickData may transfer your data to a so-called personal data assistant and its possible sub-assistant who is helpful in our communication with you and the maintenance of customer and user support (for example app for telephone exchange, printing or mailing service) and for operation and backup of internal systems and servers.

This personal data assistant and any sub-assistant will only process your data for specified purposes for these specific purposes.

We may transfer your information to a country outside the EU / EEA (third country). In these cases, we will obtain your consent or ensure that the transfer is legal and that the assistant applies an adequate level of security.

Links to other websites

If our site contains links to third party websites, websites, or materials published by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only. Therefore, because KlickData has no control over the content of these sites or its material, we are not responsible for its content. Also, KlickData is not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of these links.

Your rights and choices

According to the GDPR provisions of the Data Protection Regulation, as a registered person, you have the right to access information about what personal data about you is processed within KlickData, a so-called. Records. To access this information, you will need to submit a signed written request to the address at the bottom of this page. You also have the right to have the treatment restricted, object to the treatment or have your information deleted. You who are registered also have the right to have your data transferred to another operator. This information can be obtained once a year free of charge.

We, as personal data controllers, are obliged to only personal process data that is correct and relevant for the purpose. If you believe that a statement about you is misleading or inaccurate, or if you wish to withdraw your consent or object to the processing, you may contact KlickData's Customer Service using the contact information found at the bottom of this page.

More information can also be found at Datainspektionen: www.datainspektionen.se

Thank you for using KlickData!

This Privacy Policy with version 1.4_180529 applies as of May 24, 2018

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