Klick Data´s education license

Klick Data´s education license

1. Definition

1.1 The term “courseware” in this agreement encompasses software and videos from Klick Data AB in the form of digital storage media.

1.2 The word “unit” in this agreement, the term “Unity” means an external player.

1.3 The word “license” implies the right to allow a person to use the courseware. The number of licenses corresponds to the number of purchased units or the number of licenses obtained according to a specific agreement with Klick Data AB.

2. License rights

2.1 The conditions in this agreement, the licensee can use the courseware in players, such as computers and VCRs. The number of viewers must not, however, exceed the number of licenses obtained by the licensee.

2.2 Rights granted, according to this agreement, allow only one person per license to use the courseware.

2.3 The granted license is a simple but not exclusive non-transferable right to use the courseware in the manner described above.

2.4 The licensee shall not copy, modify, recompile or transfer the courseware or copy the courseware, modification or integrated portion, in its entirety or portions thereof, except in the manner that is explicitly described in this agreement. If the licensee disposes of the courseware via transfer, a loan or in any other way gives a third party use of the courseware without the necessary license, then these license rights to the courseware shall be automatically forfeited.

2.5 As long as the total number of users who take part in the course do not exceed the number of licenses the licensee has acquired. The courseware can be used in one or multiple user environments. The program within the courseware cannot be spread to users not accounted for in the licenses that the licensee has acquired.

3. Length of agreement

3.1 Granted licenses are valid until further notice. The licensee can discontinue the agreement by destroying the program item along with all copies on computers. The agreement can also be discontinued due to reasons named in other parts of this agreement, or if the licensee does not comply with all of the points in this agreement. The licensee agrees that the agreement is discontinued and will destroy all units of the courseware along with all copies (including on the hard disk), modifications and all integrated parts as soon as the agreement is discontinued.

4. Limited guarantee and repairs

4.1 Klick Data AB guarantees that the units on which the programs are delivered are default-free as regards material defaults and performance during normal usage for up to one year from the delivery of the unit. This guarantee is valid only for the original licensee and cannot be transferred.

4.2 During the one-year guarantee period Klick Data AB will do one of the following: (1) Exchange all units that do not comply with the aforementioned guarantee obligation on the condition that the licensee returns the unit to Klick Data AB or an authorized dealer for Klick Data AB. The licensee shall pay postage or other delivery fees for the return. A copy of the purchase contract must be included with the unit. (2) If Klick Data AB or the authorized dealer cannot deliver an exchange unit that is default-free with regard to materials or functionality, the licensee can discontinue the agreement by returning the product for a refund.

4.3 The guarantee written above is not valid for units that have been damaged due to accidents, improper usage, careless handling or as a result of service or modifications carried out by someone other than Klick Data AB or an authorized dealer.

4.4 Apart from the obligations specified in this agreement, or if Swedish law so requires, there are no other oral, written or understood guarantees for sales or that may be appropriate for specific purposes. All courseware is sold in the current condition. Klick Data AB and its authorized dealers decline all guarantee responsibilities that are not specified in this agreement. The licensee accepts the risk for quality and performance of the courseware. If the courseware is defective, the licensee, not Klick Data AB or its dealers, is responsible for the cost of necessary service, repairs or other measures taken to correct defaults.

4.5 Units intended for computers have been optimized to use on machines according to instructions on the unit. Therefore, there is a risk that some parts of the courseware might not work effectively, or that the unit might cause data or breakdowns when the courseware is used in different machines or players. Klick Data AB does not guarantee that the functions in the courseware meet the licensee’s requirements or that usage of the courseware will be default-free and without interruptions. The licensee is responsible for selecting courseware and computer software in order to realize the desired results. The same applies to installation, usage and the result obtained by using the courseware.

4.6 All of the licensee’s rights and the responsibilities of Klick Data AB and its authorized dealers are written herein. Klick Data AB and its suppliers are not in any way responsible to the licensee or a third party for damage, directly or indirectly, costs, loss of earnings, loss of capital or other injuries that may be a result of lack of functionality in the courseware or lack of ability to use them. This does not include personal injuries.

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