KlickData KLMSrelease 3.2 version with new Dashboard

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KlickData KLMSrelease 3.2 version with new Dashboard
KlickData KLMSrelease 3.2 version with new Dashboard

Klick Data has released a new update of the Award-winning Learning Management System KLMS with new functions and a refreshed Dashboard with adjustable Sections. 

The new Dashboard is now enhanced with Sections. These Sections can be customized by the Administrator. For the Academy or for a Specific Academy User. 

Login enhancement for multiple accounts
Login with different academies with the same email unique only under the Academy is now possible in KLMS. If an Academy User has access to the Klick Data Academy and a Customer Academy, the login is now handled with ease. 
1. The login system remembers the last successful login academy.
2. It prevents the Academy user from login under different academy subdomain (Marketing point)
3. Secure academies that have a subdomain from being listed under the default subdomain.
4. The only way to login to the academy have subdomain from the academy subdomain.
5. Activation, Reset password and forget password handled with the Academy.

Sections module
1. Design and implement sections under admin sections in Dashboard is improved. 
2. Implemented section under the Academy user dashboard is done in a dynamic way.
3. Master Admin can easily create public cross Academies section for sorting out KLMS types (Completed, started, newly added, favorite, liked, rated)
4. AA can create a section with public Academy access or assign users/groups.
5. AA can easily assign users/groups to each section when not academy public access.
6. AA can assign folders to sections. Folders can contain multiple resources making the customization much faster and simpler than before in order for the power of KLMS to be used for quicker ROI
7. Disable update section language when attached to folders.

Default resource types images
1. Design and implement default image control under admin/settings/default image for types. A Course created without an uploaded image will be given a default image for the user experience enhancement. 
2. AA can use the default image or update and add a new default under his Academy customization.
3. Implement default image into the Academy users dashboard for each resource type.

Apart from the above improvements made, many general enhances have been made for frontend and backend during the development in June and July 2020. 

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