KLMS developer team

KLMS developer team

KlickData team has been developing the system KLMS since 2012. Different members have contributed to the success that leads us to be an award-winning system. Here are a few. 

Project Manager of KLMS and CEO (2013-2020)
Magnus Jungbeck (MJ)
The long-time loyal team lead of Klick Data, Magnus Jungbeck has been the project lead of the KLMS system for almost a decade. He joined Klick Data in the midst of the financial crisis and has been passionately selling the older version of the KLMS, the K3, and has been responding for this success as well as getting the KLMS to the level it is today. 

Product manager 
Johan Sölve. (JS) 
A long term project manager in building great software systems. Founded the foundation for KLMS after some earlier and abandoned projects with his project team in Halmstad. Without the foundation of Johan Sölve and his team in 2016-2018, KLMS would have been yet another of project that would end up being not further developed. 

Office Manager
Sherif Elsayed, (SS)
Office manager, company accounted, and content manager apart from HR responsible. Manager of Grow Knowledge Ltd, Cairo. Most senior representatives among team development.

Content Manager MENA
Dina Wishahy, (DW)
The content manager manages a team of 4-5 taggers who tag questions from TQC and ST to Wikipedia articles. English teacher with good skills in learning, English, and around knowledge. She is also part-time working as a Soap Opera Actress in Egyptian Television.  

Content Team Arabic
Yosra Elwashi (YE) 
Has created over 20000 MCQs in Arabic and is in the team of creators, taggers, and validators since 2017.

Salma Hannun (SH)
Has created over 28000 MCQs in Arabic and is in the team since 2017.

Backend Manager
Ahmed Mwafi (AW):
Very skillful backend developer and have worked with the team since summer 2014. He has created order in database structure and rewritten API (A2) of apps and import scripts for questions. He has a gold medal in Stackoverflow and is leading the backend team.

Frontend Developer
Mahmoud Hawdy. (MH) . Has been working with backend since September 2012. He has been involved in WOK structure and API. Today assist in A2. Improving SAQ and admin in WOKcraft.com.

Robin Jensen (RJ)
A frontend developer situated in Halmstad with Laravel and Angular as his expertise. Building Admin sections and User Sections for the KLMS

Anas F el-khateeb 
A Belarus full-stack developer who joined the team in 2020. 

iOS developer
George Gamal Kastor (GG)
Very talented and skillful mobile app developer and have high skills in programming. The chief architect of app Quiz King for iOS (former WOKbattle) and Quiz King for Facebook. Worked since Sept 2012 with a break between April 2014-Nov 2014.

Mohammed Diaa Alkawi (MD)
iOS developer that was first in the team to be hired and been developing app WOkquiz and WOKwiki for iOS. Main developer for the WikiMaster iOS app.

Android developer & Fullstack Backend and Frontend KLMS
Khaled Lela (KL)
Android developer since April 2014 and have been developing app Quiz King for Android (QKA) and now work with WOKwiki Android (WWA and since 2019 in KLMS frontend. Skillful and fast learner and very devoted to team and WOK.

Mahmoud Elnaggar (MN).
Android developer developing QKA together with KL. Associated with the team still in need when overworking and in need for sprint deadlines extra work.

Chief Graphical Design and Deputy Project Manager 
Markus Bolinder (MB)
A project manager with a team build experience and a graphical team lead to build the renewed brand of Klick data with the introduction of the new look of the KlickData brand and logo in which KLMS fits.  

Ahmed Samir, (AS)
The designer joined the team in December 2014. A very skillful and fast learner. Joomla developer. Laravel and Angular developer since 2017. Frontend implementer in KLMS.

Mohammed Raddaf, (MR)
Skillful, creative, and very experienced in Photoshop. Part-time on an hourly basis, Design Master for Quiz King and WOKwiki. And other apps. Previously also WOKquiz.

Chris Tornerhielm (CT)
A great software engineer for Web design and a Joomla and WordPress Expert. Contributes to the KLMS on a daily basis with the official webpage in design, ease of use, and content. 

Senior Software structure validator 
Bruno Neeser (BN)
Working in the Board of Klick Data since 2003 until 2020 Bruno Neeser has been contributing to the team effort with his deep skill in structure and code validation. He has been the last sort of dealing with tasks that have been stuck for any reason. Solving issues like WD-40, all teams should have a WOZ-like person who comes in when needed. Klick Data is lucky to have had BN for such a long time fueling the success of KLMS.

Founder and entrepreneur and CEO 2020
Erik Bolinder (EB)
Company Founder is since May 2020 back as CEO after leaving this job in 2013. On a daily basis project lead for the KLMS during spring of 2020 EB are on the mission to give the World the best system for learning it has yet seen and KLMS is part of the Knowledge Network he has as his vision to build.  

Erik Bolinder was awarded GFEL Top 100 in Education Award in 2019 for his efforts in the EdTech industry.

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